You could call CAIRO’s sound folk. Or rock. Or ambient. Or experimental. But all of these descriptions ultimately fall short of fully capturing the essence of what the band and co-producer Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run, Air Marshal Landing) put down on tape.

On stage, front man Nate Daniels becomes taller, rising from whispers to long-winded bursts then back down again, his fingers dancing along the guitar strings. Lead guitarist Dante Berardi Jr. moves in tandem, stealing glances of the science experiment at his feet, a network of twisting cables and blinking lights that coalesce into reverb-soaked riffs. The sweetness of Caitlin Grieve’s violin weaves its way through the wall of sound, keeping the whole damn thing from just bursting at the seams, while Matt Sullivan’s drumming and Joel Dalton’s bass rumble in the background, earmarking pages in the ever-evolving narrative of CAIRO’s stories.