Kasador (formerly known as the Will Hunter Band) is a new indie pop/rock group from Kingston ONT. Kasador writes songs with roots in folk, funk and punk and an emphasis on big choruses. Will Hunter started performing in Kingston and Toronto in 2012 as an acoustic solo act, opening for groups from all over such as Sun Wizards, Jane’s Party, and Kim Churchill. After playing the southern Ontario circuit for a year, Will took his acoustic performance on the road with the ‘Out East’ tour in the summer of 2013, playing small venues from Halifax to Vancouver.

After over a year of playing the acoustic circuit, and one national acoustic tour, other members were added to create the full Kasador band. Don ‘Pineapple’ on drums, Cam Wyatt on lead guitar Boris Baker on the bass and Colin Simonds on piano/synth. Through the band members’ unique musical influences, they have created a distinctive, dynamic sound with big hooks. Over the past year, Kasador have been fortunate enough to perform many Canadian indie groups such as Two Hours Traffic, Wildlife, USS and the Arkells.