Have you heard Tear Away Tusa? Straight out of Ontario, Canada TAT offers you a sound like nothing you have ever heard before. These six friends have moved and grooved to each other’s unique style of musicianship creating a cocktail of fullD bodied sound. The six met at music college at the University of Guelph in 2011. The band formulated their sound by playing everywhere they could in town, and incorporating ideas from music school into the mix. Jazz, soul, avanteDgarde, afroD beat and hipDhop concepts emerged into the pop songs from Tear Away Tusa during their four years of schooling. After graduating, the band decided to pursue music fullDtime, and locked themselves into their rehearsal space and began perfecting their sound and completing the songs that will make up the bulk of their upcoming album. The band has introduced keyboards, vocal effects, and has delved deeper into the looping sounds first showcased in “Music in the Digital Age”

Tear Away Tusa’s first release is the 3Dsong EP, Into The Digital Age. The opening track “Go and Take" welcomes the listener in with open arms, commanding their full attention, from Tusa's soulful vocals to the irresistibly groovy soundscape courtesy of Sam Schwartzbein on guitar, Shane Rodak on rhythm guitar, Adam Kurgatnikov on bass, and Ely Weisbrot on drums. Moving into "We Fall", it confirms that for as full as their music is, Tear Away Tusa never sounds crowded or overwhelms the ears or mind. Closing out the EP all too soon, "Music In The Digital Age" belies its name and is decidedly organic, with a deep bassline and a crunchy guitar riff repeated throughout almost the entire song. Each song off Into The Digital Age possesses something special, with the laidDback tempo that pervades throughout all three songs providing ample space and time for the group to jam to their hearts' contents.

The EP was released to rave reviews.

IX Daily wrote, “Tear Away Tusa is creating a new music genre” Music Mixt adds, “Swimming through a river of sound with droplets of funk, jazz, and even psychedelic experimentation dripping into this cocktail, Tear Away Tusa took the audience for a ride they wouldn’t soon forget.”