Preaching the poetry and prose of their unapologetic, youthful exploits, The Medicine Hat delivers a live performance of biblical intensity.

They are the rolling thunder of the electric organ dancing with a Telecaster-howl that's more passion than precision. They're the heavy lines and dangerous grooves carved out by a drum and bass combo born in dirty bars and schooled in concert halls. They're the warm, raw embrace of a feminine voice – at once ethereal and forthright. They're steeltown crunch and big city charm. And they're writing pop songs together.

The bastard daughter of a now married couple, and the lovechild of five friends, The Medicine Hat is “a nuptial dance floor on speed.”.

The Medicine Hat is Aaron Hoffman, Elliott Gwynne, Michael Boyd, and Tyler & Nabi Bersche.

The Medicine Hat's debut record, 'Old Bones', was released in June of 2013 by Hamilton, Ontario's Porcelain Records.

Quote from Southern Souls' review of 'Old Bones', written by Tim Martin.