It seems as if The Mohrs have been thirteen years in the making. Headed by Winnipeg-native Jackie Mohr, The Mohrs are currently getting ready to release their debut album and bringing audiences back to a time where chicks ruled the rock and roll stage.

Jackie found her passion for guitar at age thirteen and immediately started taking lessons. When most girls were playing flute and listening to Britney Spears, Jackie was practicing hard rocking guitar licks and jamming out to ACDC. Guitar lessons lead to a teaching gig, and Jackieʼs first foray into live performance with her cover band “The Prostitots."

While playing covers is a great way to get your name out there, Jackie had had enough of playing other peopleʼs music, and began to pen her own melodies and lyrics. With enough material and connections in Winnipeg, Jackie disbanded The Prostitots and formed Living In Red in 2006 with friend Marc Girardin. As Living In Red, they wrote, independently recorded and released an EP and toured across the prairies, sharing the stage with nationally recognized artists such as Econoline Crush and STEREOS. In 2011, Living In Red caught the eye of CBC producers and landed a spot on the stationʼs live prime-time performance show Cover Me Canada. It was through the show that Jackie and Marc were given the opportunity to work with renowned producers such as Hawksley Workman, Me & John and Gavin Brown, among other bands from across the country. Performing regularly on the show required a high level of discipline and dedication, and for Jackie Mohr, was exactly what she needed to realize that she was born to play music. Although Living In Red only made it to fifth place, the friendships and connections they made would prove to be more important than anyone could have imagined.

After the show, Living In Red returned to Winnipeg, but as is the case for many bands that experience a short-lived high, decided to disband. Realizing there wasnʼt much more they could do in musically in Winnipeg, Jackie and Marc made the decision to move to Toronto and make their music work in one of the most musical cities in the country. As if the universe was listening, it was at this time that Hawksley Workman contacted Jackie and invited her to his studio in Northern Ontario to write and record a few new tracks. What happened on that fateful trip gave a new direction to Jackie and her music, and is where the music of The Mohrs was born.

In May 2012, Jackie and Marc packed up their car and drove to Toronto, determined to make it as rock and roll musicians. Thanks to Hawksley Workmanʼs experience and mentorship, Jackie and Marc began to write, develop and record new songs, all the time working to try to find a bassist and drummer to complete their band. After an extensive search, Jackie and Marc went back to the show that started it all and contacted fellow musicians Max Trefler and Greg Markham to join in the band. What seemed like a farfetched request turned out to be a stroke of luck, and The Mohrs had found their third and fourth members.

Now, almost a year and half later, The Mohrs have put together an album that is reminiscent of ʻ90s grunge and ʻ80s rock. Their debut album (produced by Hawksley Workman) is a powerful record that combines sophisticated riff-based rock-pop and it set to be released early 2014.